Kimwei to represent Devon on National Poetry Day 2019

I’m thrilled to have been selected as BBC Devon’s Home Truths Poet for National Poetry day this year – Read more on the National Poetry Day Website. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day (October 3rd 2019) I will be writing and performing a poem that represents Devon. There are 13 poets in total and the project aims to give a voice to the true nature of each region. – Kimwei

New Bard Melanie Crump! New Grand Bard Kimwei McCarthy!

The annual competition for citizens of Exeter to elect their next Bard took place on Sunday 28th April at Exeter Phoenix.

Wordsmiths of all kinds competed by delivering a performance of their own work and presenting their vision for the Bardship. Tim King, Peter Roe, Adam Skerrett, Richard Green, James Turner all presented enthralling offerings and the evening concluded with inspirational poet Melanie Crump being appointed as the new Bard.

In her Manifesto, Melanie pointed to the underrepresentation of women in spoken word and over the next year she aims to support female artists, as well as putting energy into the existing poetry scene and running educational workshops.

Exeter is one of only a small group of cities with the right to appoint a bard, in a tradition that dates back 200 years. The role is kept for one year and a day and the Bard is said to represent the land and the people of the territory. 

To conclude the evening, outgoing Bard Kimwei McCarthy was also awarded the role of Grand Bard by outgoing Grand Bard Jackie Juno. This role is 7 years and Jackie has notably organised the record breaking Grand Witches Tea Party at Rougemont each year under the role. The coming year will tell what Kimwei will do as Grand Bard. 

Bard of Exeter Competition 2019, April 28th!

Yes, that time of year is here! It’s time for me to pass the Bardship on to a fresh new Bard, who will take the role for a full year. This year’s competition is already gaining much interests, with Grand Bard Jackie Juno and I having had to make the decision to limit it to 10 contestants and accept applications only until April 14th at noon. The lucky 10 will be announced later that evening. This gives the prospective Bards 2 full weeks to prepare and to gather their audience – after all, it’s the people of Exeter who will vote on the night and decide who will be the new Bard!

Click through to the FACEBOOK EVENT and find out how to apply!

Kimwei to host Exeter Story Club

Come along to Exeter Story Club, 1st Wednesday of every month at The Cowick Barton in and enjoy an evening’s storytelling wonderment. I’ll be hosting for the next 3 months, whilst Widsith & Deor go on their adventures.

Facebook page
September’s Event

Here’s a song inspired by ancient stories, celebrating how Exeter Story Club always brings the oral tradition up to the modern day.

End of August Update

There’s lots coming up in the next month, both for me as Bard and Bardically throughout the city, so get ready for Autumn.

  • Cauldron Of Changes Meetups continue every Saturday at 7pm, by the Big Yew Tree at Rougemont Gardens.
  • Exeter Story Club – 1st Wed of each month at the Cowick Barton Inn. I’ll be hosting.
    • Sept 5th: Theme = Harvest
    • Oct 3rd: Theme = Ghosts & Spooks
    • Nov 7th: Theme = Fire & Old Souls – All Saints
  • Word Cafe – Friday Sept 27th: I will be appearing at Julie Mullen’s Word Cafe in Dartington.
  • Exeter Poetry Festival  – Oct 2nd-7th. This year’s festival will include performances from your Bard at Alex Cluness’ memorial on Thursday 4th (National Poetry Day), opening for Matt Harvey on Friday 5th and performing at and judging the Slam on Sunday 7th. Watch this space for more details. I will also be appearing on BBC Radio Devon around the festival time.
  • Exeter’s First Haiku Slam – Friday Nov 16th: Robert Casey pioneers the Haiku Slam at Exeter Phoenix. I will be a guest performer and also feature on the judging panel.



Exeter joins The Cauldron of Changes

After several visits to the Bardic seat at Rougemont Gardens and many revelations I realised that the my next act as Bard will be to bring healing magic to the city, by joining in with Michelle Elliott’s (Selkie Shell’s) Cauldron of Changes movement. I met with Shell and experiences the power of her weekly rituals first hand and was inspired to carry this on in Exeter. 
To do this, I’ll be leading weekly get-togethers at Rougemont, sending out healing magic through Exeter and beyond. The meetings are every Saturday at 7pm (and when it comes around, on each full moon). 
August 11th: Facebook event
August 18th: Facebook event
August 25th: Facebook event Covered by poet Katie Moudry in my absence. Thanks Katie. 🙂
6.30pm Meetup
7-7.15pm Ritual – Sending healing magic throughout Exeter and beyond. Shell and many around the world will be tuning in at the same time. Together, lets make this really powerful!
Bring yourselves and your hearts.
Yours Bardically

First month as Bard of Exeter!

A little report on my first month as Bard!

Links: Radio Devon Interview
Slugs and Spice – with Billie Bottle
Snake Tales with David Heathfield
Advice Pavilion, Hugh McCann
Blood of a Poet, Widsith & Deor 

Coming next: The launch of a new bardic listing “what’s on” in the in the next few days.

Other progress: Contact has been made with Apples & Snakes, Taking The Mic, Uncut Poets, Story Club, Exeter Poetry Festival, Exeter College, Street Arts Festival and more, so stay tuned for upcoming developments.