Robert Garnham, Professor of Whimsy is the New Bard of Exeter!

A wonderful summary of the beautiful ceremony in which Robert Garnham was crowned as the Bard of Exeter on Oct 20th 2021, written by Exeter Poet Ysella Sims:

“Huge congratulations to new Bard of Exeter Robert Garnham. A low key inauguration last night at Exeter Phoenix with a bit of incantatory jiggery pokery, a ceremonial teapot, a lump of Dartmoor stone in a carrier bag and a rather beautiful cat. Pretty standard #poetry behaviour for a wet Wednesday night. Grand bard of Exeter Kimwei McCarthy thanked Tim King for his exceptional Bardship and stewardship of the Exeter poetry community during the last two challenging years, voicing our collective gratitude for his love, enthusiasm and support whilst having a pretty tricky time of his own.

Robert, Professor of Whimsy, will make an excellent bard and would by all accounts have been the much missed Melanie Crump’s first choice. He’s the master of fun, frivolity (and feather boas) which is just about everything we need right now.

The wondrous Harula Ladd came a very close second and I have no doubt that her time will come. As Tim would say, all the poetry love. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

-Kimwei, Grand Bard of Exeter