Exeter joins The Cauldron of Changes

After several visits to the Bardic seat at Rougemont Gardens and many revelations I realised that the my next act as Bard will be to bring healing magic to the city, by joining in with Michelle Elliott’s (Selkie Shell’s) Cauldron of Changes movement. I met with Shell and experiences the power of her weekly rituals first hand and was inspired to carry this on in Exeter. 
To do this, I’ll be leading weekly get-togethers at Rougemont, sending out healing magic through Exeter and beyond. The meetings are every Saturday at 7pm (and when it comes around, on each full moon). 
August 11th: Facebook event
August 18th: Facebook event
August 25th: Facebook event Covered by poet Katie Moudry in my absence. Thanks Katie. 🙂
6.30pm Meetup
7-7.15pm Ritual – Sending healing magic throughout Exeter and beyond. Shell and many around the world will be tuning in at the same time. Together, lets make this really powerful!
Bring yourselves and your hearts.
Yours Bardically

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