2018 Manifesto

by Kimwei

The role of Bard does not come with any particular responsibilities or funding, but I would love to use it to support the spoken word and songwriting community in Exeter and the bringing together of the bardic arts (poetry, storytelling and songwriting).


To serve the city, as Bard, by:

  • Supporting the existing scene
  • Encouraging crosspollination and integration within the bardic arts
  • Outreach: seeking new artists and new audiences
  • Being visible and active as bard to achieve the above.

Main Objectives:

  • Create a “What’s on” Facebook group
  • Create a Bardic website and post monthly in a Bardic Blog (bardofexeter.com)
  • Organise at least 2 mixed discipline events during the year.
  • Provide at least 2 educational workshops during the year.
  • Be visible in local media, attend events and perform, plugging “what’s on” as a matter of course.

As well this, I’ll be contacting key members of the current scene to ask what they need most from the new bard.

Finally, why I am I qualified?

I am an experience songwriter and performer, which has also trained me communicate effectively with press. I teach a Music Degree course including modules on event management and artist development. Two years running I was on the team for The Exeter Poetry Festival during the week itself. I have a passion for mixing music and spoken word, so have created live soundtracks for storytellers David Heathfield and Widsith & Deor. I ran Duckaroo a few years ago, the only Exeter open mic to consistently attract 50/50 poets and songwriters. These experiences leave me equipped with a wide skillset, so I can serve well as Bard.